Tuesday, April 8, 2014

9 Months

Grant is already 9 months old! It is crazy how the time flies now. The first few months were slow, but now the time just flies by. He is getting really close to walking. He pulls himself up all the time cruises around the furniture. We even got him a walker that he really quickly picked up on. He does however walk it into a corner or a wall and gets bored with it. However, if we had it on a track that went in a circle he would play with it all day. He’s talking a lot and seems to use Mama and Dada correctly. Although he usually uses mama in a whiney tone, but he does want me when he says it.

He has definitely gotten into his “stranger danger” phase and doesn’t like new people. He doesn’t like some people who he does know. When people go to hold him and hold out their hands he will curl into me. He also does not like being away from home. Home is comfortable for him so he’s usually happy when he’s home.

He is constantly on the move and cannot hold still. Especially when I am changing his diaper. He loves to move and turn over and grab at things he’s not supposed to grab. I think he thinks a game because he will hold still like he’s getting ready to pounce, give me a big grin and as fast as his body can move will turn over (pounce). It is funny even though it infuriates me to no end.

9 Months2014-04-08 10.34.47

7 Months2014-02-05 14.30.06

Thursday, February 27, 2014

7 Months

I am getting bad at this. I forgot to enter his 7 month entry. It is crazy how much he is growing. Just barely over the last couple of weeks he has been doing a lot of stuff so some of this should be part of 8 months, but I can’t remember.

Anyway he is loving to explore the house and can get around a lot. He’s mastered crawling and pulling himself up. He has also started getting into everything. Since our DVDs are close to the ground he has started to pull them out and make a mess. I often work in living room with my computer on my lap. Grant will pull himself up and pull on my cords and try to look up over my computer. During one conference call I had my legs crossed and he decided he wanted to bite my toe. I screamed and probably scared the other people on the call. It was funny. Luckily it was just a few people who understand that I work from home. 2014-02-03 11.31.59

He is really starting to laugh a lot more which is so fun. He is super ticklish, like me he is ticklish everywhere. He really does love being around me which makes me super happy. He is the phase that when someone else picks him up he looks around for me. Also to my my happiness, he is starting to cuddle more.

He loves to eat. I have yet to find a food that he doesn’t like. He also always eats all of his food. I was worried for a couple of weeks the he might be eating too much, but at his 6 Month appointment the Doctor actually said he was small for his size. So even though he eats a ton he doesn’t gain much weight. He surprisingly has so defined muscles and I think he burns calories like crazy because of it. He is one strong baby.

2014-02-05 14.30.06

Thursday, January 23, 2014


True to form I am writing about an event nearly 1 month late. I guess better late than never. However, sooner would be better than later, anyway Christmas!

Christmas was extremely exciting for me for two reasons, 1) I had a child to enjoy the excitement (even if he didn’t know what was going on) and 2) My mother finally got to have Christmas Breakfast at her house! Since before I was born my Grandma has had the tradition to have Christmas breakfast. We’d always get up in the morning, open our presents from Santa, get ready and go over to Grandma’s. There we would have breakfast which would contain our family’s traditional Swedish pancakes with various other breakfast items. We’d then go downstairs and open presents from our Grandma, Grandpa, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles. My Grandpa (until he died) would read a fun story called Davey and the First Christmas. I enjoyed doing this with my extended family, but it was difficult because the family was getting too large for my Grandma’s house, plus we never have time to exchange gifts with the Cranney family.

I ended up having to wrap all my presents Christmas Eve night. However, Rashelle invited us over to play games so I was up late wrapping. We ended up playing Disney Monopoly with Rashelle, Jason, Jake, me and Chris. He was on skype and we pointed the camera at the board. He also won. Afterwards we went home, put Grant to bed and I finished wrapping. Jake went to bed before me so I was able to get everything ready for when we woke up. I woke up first and got some pictures of the tree and presents.

2013-12-25 01.25.39 2013-12-25 01.25.49

I then got Grant and Jake up. I tried to get a picture of Grant in front of the tree, but he had a difficult time sitting up and it’s a little bit blurry.2013-12-25 08.57.16

We started opening presents and true to form, Grant was more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents, but I still enjoyed getting him things. He got a tie, some toys and a Christmas shirt. 2013-12-25 08.59.382013-12-25 08.59.32 2013-12-25 09.00.34

After we opened presents we went over to my mom’s. We had breakfast and I got a not flattering picture of my mom as she was talking and the older girls listening to her.2013-12-25 10.21.43 2013-12-25 10.21.54

We then went into the living room and setup a TV so we could Skype with the one’s who couldn’t be there. Michaelene was in Germany and paid for an account to allow multiple skypes. Alicia and Chris couldn’t make it down from North Dakota this year and Andrea was down in Arizona spending Christmas with Jake’s family. It was fun to open presents with everyone even though everyone couldn’t be there. It will be so fun to have everyone home next year (hopefully). After that we hung out at my mom’s and then home everyone went their own way. Jake and I just hung out and chilling at home. Loved Christmas this year! 2013-12-25 10.57.30

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6 Months

I completely missed Grant’s 5 Month. I got the picture, but didn’t get a chance to blog about it, so there will be a lot of new things he’s done. He is determined to walk before he does anything else. However, since he can’t even get himself to sit up he needs me to help him. So he will get all mad when I don’t help him stand and walk. When I do finally go over and hold out my hands he and he gets on his feet he gets to excited it’s funny. He’ll do his little squeal. He is getting close to crawling. When he really wants to get something just out of reach he will get on his knees, but then push with his feet causing him to dive. Then he’ll army crawl to the object. It will be soon that he learns to stay on his hands and knees and move that way.

He is ever so interested in everything. He loves to look around and will not let me hold him in a way where he can’t see. If I try to cradle him in my arms he will wiggle and squirm until I face him outward so he can see. He also loves attention and chaos. He gets bored in all alone at our house with no one to play with, but when he goes to other people’s house and plays with others he’s so happy.  Below are his 4 Month, 5 Month and 6 Month pictures.

Six Months2014-01-05 16.38.28

Five Months2013-12-05 08.19.54 

Four Months2013-11-05 07.59.33

Monday, December 2, 2013


I actually forgot to post about Halloween this year. This year I got put in charge of our Ward Halloween Party. There always seemed like a lot to do so I made it simple. Just a dinner and trunk-or-treat so people could quickly go on their way. I thought it turned out well. Although it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to dress Grant up as. I had finally decided to do Chewbacca as I had found a really cute costume online. However, when I went to go buy it, I had taken too long to decide and couldn’t guarantee it get to m on time unless I spent more on shipping than I did on the costume. So the day of my Halloween party I had to go into Salt Lake and find a costume. I was hoping I would still be able to find the same Chewy costume, but couldn’t. I did, luckily find this really cute dragon costume. I thought it would be perfect since I already had a medieval princess costume that would go with the dragon.

2013-10-26 16.52.26

Grant hadn’t gotten a good nap all day so by the time the party started he was pretty grumpy, which made this picture cute with his grumpy face.2013-10-26 17.12.48

Loved taking pictures with him. His costume was so cute!2013-10-26 17.17.112013-10-26 18.13.132013-10-26 18.15.43

Then on actual Halloween night I wanted to go Trick-or-Treating, but since Grant was too young for candy I didn’t really want to go by myself. So I ended up going with my dad who was taking my nieces to Main Street Trick-or-Treating until their parents came home. I helped them get ready and did hair and makeup. I had a lot of fun with the girls, Grand and Grandpa and can’t wait for Next Year.

2013-10-31 16.52.222013-10-31 16.54.352013-10-31 16.55.112013-10-31 17.24.122013-10-31 16.55.422013-10-31 17.26.35

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 Months Already

I can’t believe how quickly it is going. He is already 4 months! I also can’t believe how much he is growing and learning. I started feeding him with a bottle more regularly and he already can kind of grab the bottle and guide it to his mouth. He is truly a boy and likes eating. We gave him green beans on Sunday for the first time and he just gobbled it up, he loved it! He’s also pretty good at rolling over both ways, but I don’t think he likes doing it that much. There were a couple of weeks where he just stopped trying, I would put him on his belly and he would cry and would not roll over. He is starting to get his knees under him a little, but his hands don’t hold him up so he looks all funny with his butt in the air.

Last week he has started to yell, it’s kind of funny. The first time he did it was with Jake. Jake was holding him and he started squawking, it kind of sounded like a bird. He didn’t sound upset, but it was new to me, I was very confused and couldn’t tell if he was upset or not. He’s been doing the yelling thing lately and it cracks me up. He has also really gotten into TV now. I used to watch shows while feeding him, but now he’ll be eating and then stop to watch the TV so I have stopped that habit of watching TV while feeding him. However, I will have him sit on the couch and watch children shows. I hope it will help him learn colors and all that, plus it keeps him from getting bored. He is able to sit up as long as he is propped up on something. Although he will occasionally fall to one side or the other. I think he has the strength, just not the balance.

4 Months:

2013-11-05 07.59.33

3 Months:

2013-10-08 09.23.03

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grant’s Blessing

On October 13th 2013 we blessed Grant. Church was at 9:00 am and everyone that could come was here. I was so excited to see everyone and glad they all made an effort to come. I even had my uncle Dave and Cousin Cody come which was unexpected.

I should have done this sooner since I do not remember much. Thankfully Sister Thiel wrote down some stuff from the blessing and gave it to me because I do not remember anything.

Here are the items she wrote down that he would be blessed with:

  • Grant will be blessed with a desire to follow and serve Heavenly father throughout his life. To server a mission and draw people to the church. To obey his parents.

After the blessing Jake sat down next to me, leaned over to me and said, I blessed him now you get to give your testimony. Which I was planning on giving my testimony even though there was a part of me that said “Do I really have to”. I am terrified of public speaking and usually have my mind go blank as I stand up to speak. I did get up and give my testimony. Thankfully I didn’t have a blank mind and thanked Heavenly Father for this blessing of raising a child. I also stated that I am grateful that I have a Heavenly Father who is willing to help me when I make mistakes and will pick up the slack as long as I believe and trust him.

Many other people went up and gave their testimony and made me tear up. I am very happy to be a part of both families.

After church we had a brunch at our house which was a little cramped, but worked out well. All the kids played downstairs and by the time they all left it looked like they had a food fight down there.

I forgot to get pictures after church, but here are a few before Church. Grant looking so handsome in his tux!